Sermon for 5-26-2024: “Church in Crisis: God Makes Things Grow”

Sermon for 5-19-2024: “Church in Crisis: The Foolishness of the Cross”

Sermon for 5-12-2024: “Church in Crisis: Is Christ Divided?”

Sermon for 5-05-2024: “Church in Crisis: Healing and Hope in 1 Corinthians”

Sermon for 4-28-2024: “Agape – Hey, I Know You”

Sermon for 4-21-2024: “Agape: The Source of True Love”

Sermon for 4-14-2024: “Look Around You”

Sermon for 4-07-2024: “Thank God for Doubting Thomas“

Sermon for 3-31-2024: “Something New: A New Kind of Hope”

Good Friday Service 3-29-2024

Maundy Service 3-28-2024: “Maundy Service”

Sermon for 3-24-2024: “Something New: A New Kind of Messiah”

Sermon for 3-17-2024: “Something New: A New Age”

Sermon for 3-10-2024: “Something New: A New Love”

Sermon for 3-03-2024: “Something New: A New Economy”

Sermon for 2-25-2024: “Something New: A New Sight”

Sermon for 2-18-2024: “Something New: A New Order”

Sermon for 2-11-2024: “Something New: A New Look at an Old Friend”

Sermon for 2-04-2024: “Something New: A New Life”

Sermon for 1-28-2024: “Something New: A New Freedom”

Sermon for 1-21-2024: “Something New: A New Season”

Sermon for 1-14-2024: “Something New: New Clothes, New Wine, New World”

Sermon for 1-07-2024: “Something New: A New Teaching with Authority”

Sermon for 12-31-2023: “Something New: The Beginning of the Gospel”

Christmas Eve Family Service 2023

Sermon for 12-24-2023: “Holy Family: Jesus Christ is Born”

Sermon for 12-17-2023: “Holy Family: Mary Sings a Song”

Sermon for 12-10-2023: “Holy Family: Joseph Makes a Choice”

Sermon for 12-03-2023: “The Road”

Youth Sunday Service: 11-26-2023

Thanksgiving Eve Service 2023

Sermon for 11-19-2023: “Back to the Garden: Song of the Vineyard”

Sermon for 11-12-2023: “Back to the Garden: God in Exile”

Sermon for 11-05-2023: “Back to the Garden: God Shows Up”

Sermon for 10-29-023: “Back to the Garden: Cracks in the Wall”

Sermon for 10-22-2023: “The Church Needs Nora”

Sermon for 10-15-2023: “Back to the Garden: From Famine to Feasting”

Sermon for 10-08-2023: “Back to the Garden: God’s Road Map”

Sermon for 10-01-2023: “Back to the Garden: A Burning Bush”

Sermon for 9-24-2023: “Back to the Garden: God the Wrestler”

Sermon for 9-17-2023: “Back to the Garden: Abraham Under the Terebinth Trees”

Sermon for 9-10-2023: “Back to the Garden: from Eden to Gethsemane”

“REJOICE! Paul the Pastor”

Sermon for 8-20-2023: “REJOICE! Paul the Theatre Kid?”

Sermon for 8-27-2023: :REJOICE! Paul the Jew”

Sermon for 8-13-2023: “Rejoice, Paul and the Philippians”

Sorry, No Video available for 8-13-2023

Sermon for 8-06-2023: “Jeremiah: Hope that Makes All Things New”

Sorry, No Video available for 8-06-2023

Sermon for 7-30-2023: “Jeremiah: Hope When All is Lost”

Sermon for 7-23-2023: “Jeremiah: Hope When Plans Fail”

Sermon for 7-16-2023: “Jeremiah: Hope that Survives the Burning”

Sermon for 7-09-2023: “Jeremiah: Hope in the Hands of the Potter”

Sermon for 7-02-2023: “Hope At the End of the World”

Sermon for 6-25-2023: “When Christians M.E.E.T.”

Sermon for 6-18-2023: “Joy Comes in the Mourning – Breaking the Bad in the Sad” – Part 2

Sermon for 6-11-2023: “Joy Comes in the Mourning – Breaking the Bad in the Sad”

Sermon for 6-04-2023: “Transitioning in Christ”

Sermon for 5-28-2023: “What’s Next for Us”

Sermon for 5-14-2023: “How To Turn our Bad into Blessing”

Sermon for 5-21-2023: Breaking the Bad in Poor

Sermon for 5-07-2023: “Get Out of the Boat…and Into the Miracle”

Sermon for 4-30-2023: “Give Your Best” (Pastor Terry’s Finale)

Sermon for 4-23-2023: “God On The Mountain”

Sermon for 4-16-2023: “Simplicity”

Sermon for 4-09-2023: Easter Sunday “Eternal Life in Christ”

Good Friday Service: “Stations of the Cross”

Maundy Thursday Service: “A New Command”

Sermon for 4-02-2023: “Palm Sunday: Proper Worship”

Sermon for 3-26-2023: “The Spiritual Discipline of Prayer”

Sermon for 3-12-2023: “Prepare the Way for the Lord”

Sermon for 3-05-2023: “The Word Proclaimed” Rev Dan Morley

Sermon for 2-26-2023: “Turn Back to God”

Sermon for 2-19-2023: “Revealed in Glory”

Sermon for 2-12-2023: “Walk in the Ways of the Lord”

Sermon for 2-05-2023: “The Power and Wisdom of the Spirit”

Sermon for 1-29-2023: “One Heart at a Time”

Sermon for 1-22-2023: “Spiritual Victories”

Sermon for 1-15-2023: “Youth Sunday 1-15-2023”

Sermon for 1-08-2023: “The Dash”

A Big Thank You to Marcy Luedtke for her Years of Service:

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