Church Ministries

Administrative Ministries

Committee on Staff/Parish Relations:

  • builds strong positive relationships between staff and the congregation.
  • oversees the Human Resources aspects of Church Administration.
  • fulfills the legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff and volunteers.

Committee of Finance:

  • provides financial oversight for the Church
  • focuses on budgeting, planning and reporting of the financial status
  • manages and distributes the financial resources of the congregation
  • monitors and controls income and expenditures.

Committee on Lay Leadership/Nominations:

  • identifies, develops, deploys, evaluates and monitors Christian spiritual leadership to achieve the church’s mission
  • guides leaders on matters regarding Laity

Board of Trustees: 

  • stewards of the Church’s property
  • supervise and maintain the Church’s physical property and any gifts made to the congregation
  • ensure all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.

Building Committee:

  • responsible for fundraising, planning and building of a new Sanctuary
  • works closely with the Committee on Finance and the Board of Trustees
  • ensure that any Sanctuary built meets the needs of the congregation and community

Administrative Council:

  • provides the initiative, coordination, and collaboration for the congregational groups of the Church
  • The Admin Council plans, sets goals, implements and evaluates the ministries of the church

Program Ministries


  • responsible for ensuring all committee and ministries maintain a consistent public image
  • responsible for the standardization of the computer, printers and software


  • Plans and implements the structural framework of the Education Program
  • work closely with instructor’s staff to determine their needs


  • Works to make evangelism an ongoing priority to bring people to Christ
  • implements programs and activities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.


  • responsible for coordinating all of mission projects
  • responding to needs in communities locally and around the world


  • responsible for coordinating the various parts of the worship
  • ensures a high-quality worship experience.