First Henderson United Methodist Church Staff

Pastor Fred Heggestad

(The following is a letter of self-introduction from Pastor Heggestad to the people of First Henderson UMC)
The wisest man to ever have lived according to the Bible was King Solomon. In Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, King Solomon explains there are many seasons throughout life. We all are transitioning through a change of seasons at First Henderson UMC.

As this new season begins, my wife Christi and I are looking forward to becoming part of your church family. We feel extraordinarily blessed to be asked to serve you and others in the Henderson area. While we’re looking forward to getting to know each of you on a more personal level very soon, we feel it might be appropriate to share some brief information about ourselves.

Christi and I met in Madison, Wisconsin where we were raised.  We were married in August, 1991 and have been a great team together. God has been good to us throughout the years and our marriage has endured many ‘seasons’ in life with each other, having many blessed times as a couple.

We lived in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Tulsa, Oklahoma before moving to the Phoenix area for a short time. We then moved to Williams, Arizona where we spent most of our child raising years. The last few years we have lived in Coolidge, Arizona where I was serving my first appointment as a pastor.  This year, as we celebrate our Silver (25th) Anniversary, we are really looking forward to moving into your ‘Silver State’!

We have three adult sons (or three sons trying to be adults) living in three different states. Brandon and his wife Liz are living in a suburb of Houston, Texas with our second grandson Haidyn.  Our middle son Ryan and his wife Lindsay live in Prescott, Arizona with our first grandson Jared. Our youngest boy Tyler is 19 years old and recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin to start his adventures as an adult. We love and support their adventures as much as they support their parents. I look forward to sharing more about my family as we learn about all of your families.

With your help, I pray we can all learn more about God’s Word and what we’re supposed to do about it as a team. We understand First Henderson is an active church with lots of excitement, which I am looking forward to being part of. I have been called to teach and encourage the children of God and it looks like I have been sent to begin a new season of adventure, which is on the horizon.  Actually, I see the adventure is on Horizon (609 E. Horizon Dr.), near the corner of College.

I pray we all can jump into this new season of adventure with Faith, Hope and Love.

Church Secretary — Beth Runkle
When you stop in at First Henderson United Methodist Church during the week,  the church secretary will be the first to welcome you.

Music Coordinator — Vickie Massie
As the Church Music Coordinator, Vickie manages the music requirements for the Church with the various musical groups of the church. She is the church organist, pianist, and keyboardist. One of Vickie’s passions is the annual Mary Powell Recital/Talent Show, which she has organized and directed for many years, successfully drawing out the talent of the congregation and fellow friends. Her extensive knowledge of music adds immeasurably to the success of the many music groups and choirs of this congregation.

Church Custodian — Pete Chengman
The church custodian is responsible to the maintaining the church buildings,including the sanctuary, church offices, and classrooms. Pete is also instrumental in setting up for events, weddings, meetings, and much more.