Serving those in Need

Those Who Hurt

Grief Support Group: This group is for those coping with grief, regardless of the source of that sorrow. Grief comes in many forms and coping requires each person to pass through stages of grief in his or her own way. This group helps people find the path that works for himself or herself. The Grief Support Group meets every Tuesday at 10:00 am in the Church Library. For more information contact the church office at (702) 565-6049 or send an email to 

Prayer Group: Know someone who needs prayer or need a little prayer yourself? The Prayer group stands ready to pray at anytime, day or night. They also meet every Monday at 5:00-6:00 pm in the Choir room to prayer. The Prayer recipient need not be a member of the Church. The members of the prayer group pray for anyone one and for any need. If you would like more information about making a prayer request or how to become a prayer warrior contact the church office at (702) 565-6049 or send an email to 

Feeding the Hungry

United Methodist Men Food Drives: The UMM conduct food drives at least twice a year in support of the food pantry run by Giving Live Ministries. The men deliver bags and notices to houses throughout the neighborhood. They contributors are asked to leave the donations on the front porch the next Saturday. The men pick up the food and deliver it to Giving Live Ministries. Giving Life Ministries hosts one several food pantries in the Henderson area.

Souper Bowl of Sharing: The First Henderson UMC Youth Group conducts a food collection on Super Bowl Sunday. People bring canned and dry goods place their contribution in a box for one of the two teams, thereby registering their hope for the winner. While the collection doesn’t always predict the winner of the super bowl it does help those who hunger. This past collection raised nearly 500 lbs. of food to be given out to those in need.

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church: St. Timothy provides facilities for “Friends in the Desert,” an organization that provides hot meals and distributes basic hygiene products to the homeless and disadvantaged in the Henderson Area. St. Timothy’s in cooperation with Friends in the Desert feed hundreds of people weekly. First Henderson UMC supports these organizations by contributing food, preparing meals and serving meals. One of the most important services provided is treating each person who is served with dignity, courtesy and respect. For more information contact St. Timothy’s or Friends in the Desert.

Giving Life Ministries Food Pantry: The Giving Live Ministries is host to one of the larger food pantries in the Henderson area. First Henderson has been a long time supporter of the Giving Life Food Pantry. Not only do we conduct food drives to their benefit, but we have volunteers help take in food, sort and store it, and distribute it. To learn more about The Giving Life Ministries Food Pantry go to

In Transition

Family Promise: This program helps the homeless transition into gainful employment and stable housing. 15 churches in the Las Vegas/Henderson area provide one week of support, in the form of housing and meals, several times a year. Anywhere from 2-4 families are hosted by each church as they receive support in job training, interviewing and job hunting leading to gainful employment at wages that allow them to become self sustaining. Children are fed, transported to school and provided afters school activities. If you would like to know more contact Family promise by clicking on the link.

The Elderly

Visitation Ministry: First Henderson UMC has an active program of visiting and providing support for our elderly. These visits include the homebound, those in Senior Living Facilities, in the hospital and in hospice care. Most importantly we give our elderly the contact they need to know they are loved and cared for. Maintaining and building relationships is central to this ministry. For more information contact the Church Office at 702-565-6049 or email us at

The LuvBugs: The LuvBugs is a ministry started over 20 years ago and is still going strong today. The LubBugs visit Senior Living Facilities and provide, contact, singing and exercise to facility residents. The LuvBugs meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Friday’s at 10:00 am. To learn more about this vital ministry contact the Church Office at 702-565-6049 or email us at