History FHUMC

The History of First Henderson United Methodist Church

In 1980, Henderson didn’t have a United Methodist Church. In the fall of that year Mrs. Lloyd Bault placed an ad in the local newspaper asking if anyone was interested in forming a United Methodist Church. Ten people responded, and they met in the Bault home for that first meeting. With dedicated hearts and the Holy Spirit guiding the first members of our church, First Henderson United Methodist Church was established:

October 19, 1981: FHUMC was chartered. There were 64 people that were counted as chartered members. 40 house-holds were represented.

Sunday, April 18, 1982: Kevin, Chris, and Susan Thomas, children of Jim and Sue Thomas were the first to be baptized in the newly formed church. At time they were meeting at St. Peters Catholic Church on Boulder Highway.

November 22, 1982: God lead this congregation to the purchase of 5 acres of land at East Horizon Drive, and escrow was closed on this date.

August 19, 1984: Under the leadership of Jim Thomas and Administrative Chairperson, Dorothy Vondenbrink, the members break ground for the new United Methodist Church on the corner of Truffles and E Horizon Drive in Henderson, Nevada.

1987: Funds were raised and the members gathered again to build two additional buildings on the campus to be used for administrative purposes and education classes.

May 31, 1998: A mortgage burning ceremony took place.

 First Henderson Methodist Church Pastors:

Rev. George Bondley 1982-1985

Rev. Louie Lyon 1986-1989

Rev. Beth Carey 1989-1991

Rev. Marvin Gant 1991-2005

Rev. Sherylan Gay Thorson 2005-2008

Rev. Wayne Brown, interim pastor, July 2008-July 2009

Rev. Jim Robinson, July 2009-July 2016

Pastor Fred Heggestad, July 2016-May 2019

Pastor Terry Kim, May 2019-April 2023

Maj. Rev. Dr. Jack Stanley, interim pastor, May 2023-June 2023

Rev. Sarah Moon, July 2023 to present

Today we give God honor and praise for providing First Henderson United Church with so many loving, loyal and dedicated people who worked so diligently to establish this church. Under God’s direction all things are indeed possible as we continue to grow for the future.

To God Be The Glory!